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It's a three digit number printed on the back of the card same as CVV as referred to by other international schemes.

Please get in touch with your bank for registering your mobile number. Do not forget to update the same every time you change your number.

The validity of the OTP is decided by the card issuing bank and varies for different banks.

Request you to wait as delivery of OTP depends on signal strength of your telecom carrier in your current location. Alternatively, if you still do not receive OTP after considerable amount of time, please click on “Resend OTP” button. If you continue to face problems with the receipt of OTP (delayed/ non-receipt) please report the same to your bank immediately.

As per recently published data from RBI for the month of April ‘2017, there are total 2,614,584 PoS terminals on which RuPay card acceptance is enabled. This constitutes to more than 97% PoS terminals installed in India.

39 PoS Acquiring Banks are enabled for RuPay Card acceptance.

An intra-bank (ON-US) transaction is where the cardholder is of the same Bank of which the merchant belongs. This way using same bank PoS transaction are initiated and later the same Bank authorizes the transaction upon cardholder validations.

An inter-bank (OFF-US) transaction is where the cardholder is of different Banks than the merchant’s Bank. In this case, inter-bank funds settlement is done using NPCI’s clearing & settlement systems.

The Bank which has acquired the transaction or the Bank whose Point of Sale (PoS) terminal has been used is the acquirer Bank.

Issuer is the Bank in which the cardholder has his/her account and holds RuPay card issued by the Bank.