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Means right to be protected against the marketing of goods and services, which are hazardous to...


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Who is a consumer ?

A Consumer is a person who purchases a product or avails a service for a consideration, either for his personal use or to earn his livelihood by means of self employment. The considerationmay be:

  • Paid
  • Promised
  • Partly paid and partly promised.

It also includes a beneficiary of such goods/services when such use is made with the approval of such person.

Who is not a Consumer?

A person is not a consumer if he/she:

  • purchases any goods or avails any service free of charge;
  • purchases a good or hires a service for commercial purpose;
  • avails any service under contract of service

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The Consumer Protection Act

An Act to provide for better protection of the interests of consumers and for that purpose to make provision...


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